Which One Should You Choose – A Private Driver Or Chauffeur?


The words drivers and chauffeurs are often used interchangeably. But they are not the same even though they work in the same industry. But it’s understandable why most people mix the two terms.

We break down the subtle differences between a driver and a chauffeur in this article. 

  1. A chauffeur can be a driver, but a driver cannot be a chauffeur

A driver is anyone who rides a vehicle. Anyone can be a driver with minimum requirements. Take a service like Uber as a case example where the basic qualifications to be their driver are 

  • 21 years and above
  • Own and operate a four-door vehicle
  • Have a driver’s license and insurance

Chauffeurs are extensively-trained professionals. Consider a limo rental services in Chicago like Rioja Limo, which hires only chauffeurs with an exemplary body of work on their team. Chauffeurs add so much more value than drivers when it comes to the holistic travel experience. 

  1. A chauffeur is customer-focused

Rioja Limo places customer service as its numero uno focus, and its chauffeurs will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy the travel experience to the maximum.

We hire and train all our chauffeurs and challenge them to deliver world-class customer service every day. Since our chauffeurs are accountable for their actions, they work really hard to serve customers. 

In comparison, most drivers are only focused on getting the customers from one destination to the other as quickly as possible. They don’t go further than this basic call of duty. 

  1. Chauffeurs drive the best vehicles

We hire drivers for basic taxi services and driving regular vehicles, which may or may not be in their best condition. So, a passenger’s experience depends on the vehicle’s condition and the driver’s expertise and temperament.

Chauffeurs are hired by chauffeured transportation companies like Rioja Limo. They drive the most modern, high-quality, impeccably maintained vehicles in the business. They usually ride limousines, luxury sedans, and executive vans

  1. Chauffeurs focus on your safety and comfort 

Drivers such as those hired by Uber are not expected to maintain their vehicles. So, you can never be sure if the vehicle you’re riding is safe. What if it breaks down, and you’re delayed for an important meeting? Such delays can cost you heavily. Safety mishaps can be even costlier. 

Rioja Limo is wholly dedicated to our customer’s safety and comfort. Our chauffeurs follow a strict “Code of Ethics” every day, which helps them realize how their actions affect the safety of the passengers and the community. 

Be it traveling for business or pleasure, our professional chauffeurs drive the best, well-maintained vehicles, ensuring that you can reach your final destination on schedule safely. 

  1. Chauffeurs are professionally trained to give you the best experience 

A chauffeur possesses many skills that drivers lack. The role of a chauffeur is a lot more varied than the role of a driver. 

Chauffeurs adapt to different roles in the course of their journey. They are fully equipped to do so as they undergo ongoing training and collaboration with our team and fellow chauffeurs. 

Some of the subjects they are trained extensively in are: 

  • Advanced driving
  • Advanced etiquette
  • Advanced chauffeur etiquette
  • Security awareness
  • Customer safety
  • Time management
  • Traffic-related problems
  • Advanced knowledge of transport laws and road regulations
  • The specialist knowledge of hotels, city landmarks, and tourist attractions
  • Specialist knowledge of the current events in the city
  • Geography of Cities

Chauffeurs have alternative plans in case of emergencies. They ensure the vehicle you ride is in top condition inside-out. Their appearance is impeccable, as is your hired limousine. They are punctual, They are passionate, and committed to customer service. They have the zeal to exceed your expectations. They have the ability to empathize with the passengers and their needs. 


In short, a driver is merely an operator of a vehicle, while a chauffeur handles the operation of the motor vehicle and the needs of passengers. 

A chauffeur is a licensed, experienced professional who takes care of all your needs. Their fine blend of personal and professional skills makes them well-suited to handle every challenge that may come up in your journey. They have the uncanny ability to anticipate and act according to the challenges on your journey, without making you even aware they might have been problems in the first place.

Most drivers are focused solely on profits, while our chauffeurs want you to have a truly memorable experience every time. 

If you’re looking for credible transportation in and around Chicago, Rioja Limo delivers unmatched service. You can hire our chauffeured services for a variety of occasions, such as: 

  • Business meetings
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Special events
  • And more


Contact us at +1773-948-1028 to learn more about our chauffeured luxury leisure limo services for events in Chicago.

Our Top Effective Tips For Traveling in Summer

Get ready to enjoy the summer’s exuberant energy and its exciting adventures with Rioja Limo. Experience this summer in style and comfort by choosing from our extensive range of luxurious limousines. Whether you’re headed to a beach vacation, a summer wedding, or simply indulging in this season’s glorious festivities under the sun, we have the ideal luxury vehicle for you! 

Top tips for traveling this summer

With its hot days but plenty of lakeshores to catch the breeze, Chicago shines in the summer. With its exceptional art and architecture, globe-trotting cuisine, and vibrant summer festival season, Chicago has a lot to offer its summer travelers

Here are our top suggestions for making the most of your summer.

Destination: Consider the weather and temperature of your destination. If you are looking for cooler temperatures, look to the amazing towns and villages around the Great Lakes. If your heart is set on exploring city life, a trip around the Windy City is right around the corner!

Packing: We recommend traveling light. Also, summer clothing is typically light, making it easy to pack. To protect yourself from the sun, pack some comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Remember to bring a water bottle to remain hydrated.

Activities: Take advantage of the longer days by spending more time doing outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and kayaking. 

Traveling: Because summer is a popular travel season, plan to avoid the peak travel periods to save money and avoid crowds. We suggest traveling during the week or early in the morning.

Have a backup plan: Because summer weather can be unpredictable, we suggest keeping your plans open. If your outdoor activities are affected by rain, have a backup plan where you can enjoy some indoor activities. 

Safety precautions: Stay abreast of all the weather and city alerts and be prepared for any emergencies. When traveling in the summer, stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and be mindful of your surroundings. 

Choose Rioja Limo to drive you in comfort and style for summer

At Rioja Limo, we take pride in providing you with a wide selection of opulent limousines that can help you enjoy this summer in its full glory. 

Take a moment to visualize yourself traveling in sleek and elegant vehicles while enjoying the warm sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair. 

Our Rioja Limousine fleet also features spacious and luxurious limousines, giving you the ideal transportation option for any summer event. We make sure that our cars are well-maintained so you can travel in comfort and peace. 

We realize that summer is one of the ideal seasons for making cherished memories. Because of this, we provide both standard and tailored packages to meet your specific travel requirements. We can customize our best limo services to meet your needs, whether you’re organizing a summer birthday party, a cozy dating night, or a large group going to a music festival. To make sure that every second of your summer journey is enjoyable and relaxing, our professional chauffeurs will go the extra mile for you. 

You can experience the best of summer in one of our lavish limos. Enjoy the breathtaking lake views and the energizing breeze as you drive around gorgeous lakeshore roads. Attend sports events, outdoor concerts, and festivals in elegance while feeling pampered as you travel. Because they are familiar with the area and can suggest the top summer locations, our chauffeurs will help you make the most of your summer activities.

Get in touch with us for an unforgettable summer! 

Rioja Limo is passionate about enhancing your summer experience as you ride in style and comfort, enjoy the warmth of the summer air, bask in the sun, and make lifelong memories. Count on us to deliver top-notch limo services in Chicago. We make sure that your summer experiences are fun, relaxing, and opulent. 

Explore our customizable limousine service packages. Call Rioja Limo at +1 773-948-1028 to book your limo rental services in Chicago and set out on an unforgettable summer vacation. Count on us to help you create unforgettable summer memories.

Get in touch with us right away, and we’ll take you on a journey through a memorable summer!

Top 7 Limousine Etiquette Rules You Must Know. No.4 Will Surprise You!

Limousine Etiquette

Who doesn’t love a luxurious limousine ride? This ubiquitous addition in any special event, be it your birthday, prom, bachelor or bachelorette party, or wedding, is the best part of the event, right? 

But contrary to popular belief, there are specific limousine etiquette rules everyone must know. Coming to think of it, it makes sense. Like there are rules for your special event such as not wearing white as the guest if you’re a woman for a wedding or not turning up drunk to any invited event. 

So, what about limousines? 

Well, this article has you covered what you should know before stepping into a limousine. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Riding In A Limousine 

When you’re taking a limousine ride, there are certain limousine etiquette rules to keep in mind. These can be especially important to remember if you’re using it for business purposes or representing your organization.

We discuss the limousine etiquette rules so you will have an elevated experience.

  1. Book in advance and value time

When you book your limousine ride in advance, you’re ensuring you’ll have a car ready and waiting for you when you need it. This also helps to avoid any surprises or delays on the day of your ride. It also means you can reserve the vehicle of your choice from our limousine fleet.

Like with booking your limousine ride in advance, it’s essential to plan for what you’ll be doing during your trip. Knowing what you want to do and where you want to go will help ensure everything goes smoothly once you’re on board.

Call and let the driver or the company know if you’re running late. This is especially important if you have booked an hourly trip, where you are being billed per hour and the clock starts ticking from your pickup time. Even if you have chosen a point-to-point service, it’s courteous to let the driver know if you are running late.

2. Be true to your guest count

You should be sure of the number of passengers who will ride in the limousine. Make the booking only when you’re sure of your guest count. If the passenger count changes by any chance, inform the limousine service company so that it can allocate the best vehicle for a safe and comfortable ride for your party. 

Don’t bring additional guests for the limousine ride if you’ve not made the booking for them. It’ll be a hassle for the chauffeur and cause delays for your special event. Intimate any additions to the guest count to the limo service company in advance. 

At Rioja Limo, we’re proud to offer high-class limousine services for your requirements. Inform us in advance about your travel itinerary and the guest count at your party. We understand and accommodate last-minute changes. All you have to do is to keep us informed and updated on the number of passengers you expect.

3. Respect your Chauffeur

At Rioja Limo – the best limo rental services in Chicago, we treat our employees as family and we expect the same from our clients. 

Be respectful of your assigned chauffeur by greeting them when they arrive, talking politely with them, and trusting in their experience by asking queries related to the service, and letting them do their duties. If you have any concerns about them, inform us immediately, but don’t take it out on them. We’ll do our best to provide you with an exceptional experience with Rioja Limousine.

Our chauffeurs are highly experienced professionals who love their jobs and are enthusiastic about helping you with your ride. Communicate all your queries with them and they’ll be happy to assist you. 

Entering and exiting the limousine on your own is a sign of disrespect for your chauffeur. So, allow your chauffeur to open the doors for you and your party. This is a part of their job which they take seriously.

It’s also an important aspect of safety, and not just etiquette alone. They know the route well, the current traffic situation, where the other cars are, and when it’s safe to open the door for you. 

Tipping your chauffeur discreetly is another sign of showing respect to them. The standard tipping rate of 20% is customary. You can choose to include it in your limousine rental fee or offer the same to your chauffeur in person by placing the amount in an envelope upon reaching your final departure point. If you choose not to tip, inform the same and state the reasons to your limo service company.

4. Learn how to enter and exit the limousine gracefully

Yes, there’s a proper way to get inside and outside of the limousine for ladies and gentlemen. 

First things first, never enter or exit on your own. Wait for your chauffeur to open the door for you. The whole point of riding in a limousine is to feel pampered and like royalty. 

Next, learn the right way to enter and exit. Don’t hop or stomp inside the limousine and duck your head down with your back poking out of the door opening. It’s awkward not just for you, but also for the onlookers. 

For women, mimic a mermaid when you get in and out of a limousine. Turn your back to the door opening and place your bottom on the nearest curbside seat. Keep your legs glued together like a mermaid’s tail and pivot them inside the car after sitting down. When exiting, do the opposite. You’ll put your legs together like a mermaid and let your legs come out of the car and then stand up to get out of your limousine. 

For men, even though the general etiquette is “ladies first”, it’s preferable if you get in first and then have the lady get inside the limousine. This is practical, especially if the woman you’re traveling with has a big dress. Also, when exiting the limousine, gather all your things like a briefcase, and then get out of it instead of reaching for it after getting out of the limousine. 

During your limousine ride, don’t open the emergency hatch, open the window, and stick your head out. Stay inside your limousine until you reach your destination.

5. Reserve the best seats for your guests of honor 

If you’re paying for the limousine rental service, you can decide the seating arrangement for your party. You can opt to sit in the best seat or reserve them for your guests of honor. 

Certain spots in a limousine are considered the best seating areas for VIPs: the curbside and far right-side seats facing forward in the primary passenger area of the limousine. The less preferred seating spots in the limousine are the middle seats between these seats and the backward-facing jump seats. Don’t make your guests of honors seated in these seats. 

But if you’re not paying, choose the seats not reserved for the VIPs.

6. Take safety and civility seriously

It’s important to have fun, but it’s even more important to be safe during your event. If you’re the host, ensure that you keep the party tame and not out of control. 

Refrain from any illegal activities that can get you, your party, and the chauffeur into trouble. Do not smoke or have drugs inside the limousine. Some leisure limousine services in Chicago might permit smoking and drinking after getting approval or consent from it. If you’re the host, you can offer drinks to the passengers provided you got the approvals for the same. Make sure everyone’s got identification, so you’re on the safe side of the law. If you’re not the host or have rented the limousine, don’t go to the bar supplies without being invited. Instead, wait for the host to give their approval to do so. Also, do not carry your own alcohol bottle inside the limousine. 

Also, if you’re the host, make sure the passengers are not too intoxicated or get into ugly fights inside the limousine. These can lead to potentially dangerous situations that can harm others, apart from it being poor etiquette. 

Keep a watch on any passengers who might get so intoxicated that they poke their heads outside the roof safety hatchet or the windows. Make sure that everyone’s following the safety rules in the limousine. 

Do not request your chauffeur to ride faster than the speed limit or if you can ride it or make additional personal stops on the way. 

The number one rule of limousine etiquette is to always take safety seriously. This means following the driver’s instructions and staying seated with your seatbelts fastened until you reach your destination. It might be tempting to stand up and get a better view but it can get dangerous even though limousines are large vehicles. 

Other than that, follow the general civil rules as no talking loudly or shouting while riding in the limousine.

7. Keep the limousine neat and clean 

We buy expensive, custom-made limousines and invest in keeping them in excellent condition for our clients. We expect our clients to respect the same and maintain the limousine in the best condition while they ride in it. 

Don’t litter the limousine by spilling food and drinks or leaving your belongings there. These can stain the interiors and ruin them as well. So, try not to damage anything while you’re inside the limousine. 

So, no jumping on the seats or anything like that. No leaning on cup holders, the wet bar, or stuff like that. Refrain from putting up your feet on the seat as it can damage the upholstery. Also, take nothing that belongs in the limousine out of the vehicle, such as glassware and other items. These are the property of the limousine rental company.
Keep the limousine as pristinely clean as you first entered it when you leave it. Always check your limousine when you first enter it and exit it. You can take a picture for reference. 

If you have any concerns or are struggling with something, please check with your chauffeur or our team immediately. If there are any damages, we may charge you for the repair bills and the mess. 

Book Your Next Limousine Ride at Rioja

If you’re looking for a pleasant and safe enjoyable ride,  we can help you. Our team of professional, courteous, and expert limo chauffeurs at Rioja Limousine is here to ensure your safety and that you enjoy your ride with us. Book a ride today and experience our service for yourself!

How To Make Your Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day With Rioja Limo

rioja Limo fathers day

Fathers are special in every way. A father is the first love of a daughter and the first hero a son would want to follow by example. 

Father’s Day is a celebration of our fathers and their sacrifices and contribution in shaping us into the individuals we are. Some of us might shop for special gifts for our fathers or plan special events to celebrate Father’s Day. That Chicago has a lot to offer for Father’s Day celebrations gives you several options to pamper your dad. 

However, whatever your plans for Father’s Day, make sure not to let your dad drive your family around. Especially if your Father’s Day event involves any alcohol consumption. Invest in everyone’s safety by hiring the best limo services in Chicago. When you ride with Rioja Limousine, your family will enjoy the professional driving skills of a highly trained chauffeur; the style and elegance of a luxury limousine, sedan, or SUV; and the peace of mind of knowing that all you have to do is show up and enjoy the day. Let your dad relax and enjoy this Father’s Day. 

Meanwhile, we discuss some wonderful ways to celebrate Father’s Day this year. You might want to make some notes. 

How To Celebrate Father’s Day in Chicago

Father’s Day is a tradition that celebrates the importance of a father’s role in raising a child, individual, family, and society. 

Let there be no holds bar for celebrating the first man in your life. If dad’s the type of person who loves to have a good time and values experience more than material gifts, Chicago has everything you need to host a memorable Father’s Day.

Here are some fun events for Father’s Day this year in Chicago and its surrounding areas.  

You can also enjoy a memorable meal at your favorite restaurant in Chicago, cruise the Chicago River, and enjoy local brews, among other fun things to do in Chicago. 

Make it a special Father’s Day with a classy Rioja Limousine

Not all heroes don a cape, and this is true for fathers. Rioja Limo, Chicago salutes each of these superheroes.  

Renting a limousine for Father’s Day in Chicago is present your dad will never forget. He’s bound to feel loved and appreciated as there’s no better feeling in the world for a dad than knowing his family loves him dearly and recognizes all his sacrifices.

So give your darling dad a break and hire your own personal chauffeur for the day. Our limo rates are very affordable and flexible, making this service available for all. We serve all of the Chicago area and surrounding areas. 

We can pick your dad up from home and take him whether you think he would like to go. Whether it’s a surprise day out with his mates or a family outing to your favorite destination, one thing is sure, he’ll feel like someone really special relaxing in the back of a Rioja Limousine. All you have to do is decide on your dad’s favorite activity and let us know. We will treat him to a royal welcome.

Book your limo early to avoid disappointment and be sure to let us know if you have any special requests. Our chauffeurs are very knowledgeable and can offer a handful of advice and suggestions – helping you make this Father’s Day the best one yet!

With Rioja Limousine, you can travel worry-free. Let us know when you want to surprise your dad (with a luxury limo ride, perhaps?) and we’ll be right at your doorstep.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads from the best limo services in Chicago – Rioja Limo.

Why Executives Prefer Limos for Pickup & Drop off at Chicago Airports

airport transport services

Business travels have always been an integral part of business growth and expansion plans. 

When it comes to impressing your business clients, there’s a whole number of factors you’d take into consideration, such as your professional etiquette, dressing, and even influential techniques. 

One overlooked aspect of impressing and influencing your clients is the ride for your business travel or arranging for your clients to ride to your location of choice from the airport, for instance, in a pre-hired limo. Some businesspeople don’t consider the airport limo service to make a great first impression on their clients. 

Here are the top five reasons smart executives prefer limos for their airport rides when meeting a business client. 

  1. It boosts your reputation

A limousine signifies power and status. 

Business meetings are usually short and focused on an agenda. When you have a short window period to make an impression, why not go all out, even in your ride? A limo complements a well-dressed business executive with a smart and likable bearing. 

If you’re the host of the business meeting, we’d strongly suggest hiring a limo service for your clients so they can travel in luxury and style. There is no way your clients will not be mighty impressed and pleased with you. 

Hiring a reputed limo service company for your business travel needs can help in forging high-quality relationships based on trust.  

  1. It saves time 

Time is money. When you lose time, you lose important opportunities and contracts. A reputed limo service company follows a stringent process and proper schedule to ensure that you reach your destination on time. 

You don’t need to wait for Uber or taxis at different stops when you can experience a seamless travel experience with a limo ride by a professional chauffeur. 

You are also free to concentrate on the meeting agenda as a dedicated, professional, and experienced chauffeur handles the driving part. 

You are bound to make a fantastic first impression on your client by arriving on time and being well-prepared for the meeting.

  1. It keeps you relaxed  

Limo rides are not only about style and making an impression. 

The calm ambiance helps relax your nerves, and get you in the right frame of mind to attend an important business meeting. 

You can catch a power nap, read a book, listen to music or a podcast, watch a favorite show or movie, or simply gaze around the city sights during your limo ride. 

Before you know it, you’re all ready to conquer your next client and the world. Okay, we went a bit overboard on the latter bit. But, you get the drift!

  1. It is a safe and hygienic mode of transport 

Not all cabs are clean and well-maintained. 

Since limousines represent high class and reliability, there’s a lot of focus on cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. When you book a limo from a reputed limo service company like Rioja Limo, Chicago, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. 

You get to travel in luxurious, extremely comfortable, and clean limousines. You will arrive at your business meeting looking refreshed and professional. 

  1. It’s value for money

A reputed limo company offers you great value for money. You’ll have a wide range of options to choose from their expansive fleet comprising the latest executive SUVs and sedans, like Expedition Max, Yukon Denali, Mercedes, and more. You’ll also get a wide range of services in the cab, along with the limo ride, as part of the package deal.

Often, this works out to be an extremely affordable cost to suit your budget. It’s too good a deal to be missed.  

Final Thoughts 

When you’re meeting your clients, there’s no reason to miss out on making a great impression with our limousine service. A limousine ride ensures you arrive with a bang, making a big impression that’s high on style and substance. 

Now, you have so many reasons to book your next airport transportation services in Chicago with Rioja Limo.

Busting The Top Common 5 Myths About Limos in Chicago

limos in chicago

The iconic black limousine is a symbol of wealth, sophistication, and prestige. 

Thanks to the pop culture reference in movies and television, there are more myths reinforced around limousines. As a result, we have some people who shy away from renting and riding in it. 

Here are the most common myths we debunk in this article.

  1. They’re only for certain groups of people

There’s a misconception that limousines are only for certain groups, such as celebrities or businesspeople.

Limousines are for everyone and anyone who wants to travel in luxury, safety, and comfort.

For example, there’s a misconception that children cannot travel in limousines. But the City of Chicago permits young children to travel in a limo with a car seat. So, children can safely ride in a limousine and enjoy the amenities such as TV and dining in the vehicle. Children, however, cannot book a limo on their own and need someone 18 or older to manage the booking for them. 

  1. Hiring a limousine is expensive

This myth may have been prevalent because limo companies use high-end luxurious vehicles. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth as limo companies charge by the hour and point-to-point. The pricing varies according to the model, time of the booking, and destination.

A limo service company offers you more flexibility with reasonable rates at a flat price or per service option compared to booking a cab. The booking process for a limo is transparent and the entire trip is calculated and charged ahead of time. 

If you’re traveling in a large group and the expenses are shared, then the limo ride could actually work out to be cheaper than a cab ride.

What makes hiring a limo a steal is the accompanying amenities you can enjoy during your ride. For example, Rioja Limo offers a professional chauffeur, luxurious interiors, free Wi-Fi, TV, charging points, television, GPS, sound system, party props, and more.

  1. Limousines are only for special occasions

You don’t need to wait for a special event like a wedding, prom party, birthday, or other milestone to book a limousine. 

You can book a limousine for any reason, be it a ride to the airport, taking your children out for casual sightseeing around town, or simply indulging yourself by using a limo service to reach your office in style. 

You don’t need to wait for life to get special to book a limousine. Bring the special in your life by booking a limousine and pampering yourself and your loved ones. You’re allowed to celebrate life in all its moments with your hard-earned money. 

  1. They’re for short trips only

The truth is limos are built for long-distance travel. That’s why you have ample leg space, food and beverages, luxurious and comfortable seating and interiors, entertainment, and more. 

Reputed limo service companies provide you with professional chauffeurs who can drive on all roads and distances. They undergo rigorous training and education to get their special chauffeur’s license. They also have to keep updating themselves by attending future training to ensure their comfort and safety during a limo ride. The chauffeurs can get you to your destination as they know the best routes to avoid traffic congestion. 

So, you can ride in a limousine on your long highway road trips from city to city and short city trips. Book a Rioja Limo for your next long trip and experience the difference.

  1. You cannot easily book limos as they’re not easily available

There’s another perception, especially among older adults who’re not digitally savvy, that booking a limousine is difficult, as they’re usually unavailable. 

The fact is that at Rioja Limo, limousines are readily available any time of the day for any purpose. We are also flexible in our booking time allocations and offer various packages to suit your requirements. 

Booking at Rioja Limo is simple and convenient. You can call us at +1773-948-1028 or book online on our user-friendly website. Our limos are just a call or click away. 

Not all limousine companies are the same

The biggest myth of all is that all limo service companies are the same. 

At Rioja Limousine, we’re all about making your life easier and excelling in every aspect of your luxury transportation experience. Our dutiful drivers, a pristine fleet of luxury vehicles, and VIP-level customer service set us far apart from the competition. We’ve set the new standard for private black car services in Chicago.

Book with us at +17739481028.

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring A Limo Rental Company

limo rental services

Whether you want to do some sightseeing in Chicago, go on a romantic date with your loved one, or make a show-stopping entrance for a special occasion, a limousine fits the bill for all your desires. 

But if you’re wondering which company you should choose for hiring a limo, our article has you covered all the factors you should consider before making the final decision.

  1. Reviews and recommendations

Any credible and trusted limousine service company will have loyal customers. You can look for them online and read their reviews.

We suggest you take some time to read the unique experiences of customers and their experiences. Make note of the negative reviews, as they can help you identify the red flags about a company. Also, check how the company responded to the negative reviews, and if they tried to resolve the issue. 

Look for companies that are transparent and have reviews listed on their website. Also, search online on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other social platforms to see what customers are saying about the company and its services. 

You can also ask your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for their recommendations. 

If the limousine company services corporate clients, then you will not find many online reviews because of privacy terms and conditions. However, most companies are likely to recommend the service of a trusted limo company. You could check for the limo company’s grade on sites like Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau. 

Seek recommendations from trusted sources apart from online reviews. 

  1. Pricing and payment

Research the limo company and its competitors. Compare their pricing and payment terms. It’ll give you an idea of the standard industry average pricing. 

Pricing can be deceptive. So, apart from cost, look for other factors, such as the features, benefits, and services provided for the package. Sometimes, a cheaper deal might prove costly with hidden fees or poor customer service.  

Most limo companies accept both online and in-person payments. They usually take an initial deposit or prepayment. A signed agreement stating the policies usually accompanies the prepayment. Read the small fine print before signing any contract. Are there any deadlines for the cancellation of the services? Do you have the flexibility to alter your booking without losing your money? Get all the details before you cancel or alter your booking. 

Choose a company that’s transparent about its policies and flexible so you can make any booking changes, if required, with no repercussions.

  1. Fleet

A reputed limo service company should offer a wide range of options that suit your requirements. They should have an extensive fleet of limos with distinct features, amenities, and benefits catered to different size groups of passengers. 

You should also find out if they use their own limos. There are limo marketing companies that sell limo services via websites and apps but don’t own the limos. You will pay these companies their commission. Instead, look for limo service companies that own their fleet so you can pay less and deal directly with them for your requirements.

Check the model year of the limos. Do they have an updated fleet of newer limo models? If they stock old limos, do they regularly service, maintain and keep them in great condition? 

Usually, companies with an extensive fleet are better positioned to deal with any potential issues, as they have all their protocols and procedures in place. 

At Rioja Limo, you can choose from our expansive fleet that’s incomparable to any of our competitors, featuring many styles of limousines. 

  1. Customer Service

You must take into consideration the customer service of the limo company before signing the deal. 

Contact the customer representatives of the limo company. You can email, call, and meet them in person at the office.

Did they respond well to you? Were they kind and courteous? Were they able to respond to your queries on time and provide you with any solutions?

If they’ve not been satisfactory here, it’s unlikely that the actual service will be any better after hiring them. 

A tardy response from the team could also mean that the company is not well-staffed. Opt for a limo company that’s well-staffed to respond immediately to any urgent and emergency requests. 

Since Rioja Limo is privately owned and operated, we have complete authority to oversee every aspect of our operations and customer service. You can rest assured that our customer service is top-notch. 

  1. Insurance and Safety

What happens if your limo breaks down, or there’s a medical emergency, or any other unfortunate situation? 

Does the limo service company have its precautionary safety measures and emergency plan in place so you can get help and arrive at your destination on time? 

The limo service company has to follow state and federal guidelines that help ensure your safe ride. A reputed company will purchase limos from well-known and credible manufacturers that adhere to the OEM’s safety instructions. Reputed limo companies also maintain their vehicles by getting them checked for repairs and servicing them regularly. Their chauffeurs have undergone safety training, background checks, and drug and alcohol screening.

Make sure the limo service company is a legitimate, licensed business with commercial insurance. They should be able to provide proof if you inquire about the same. The insurance should have coverage for vehicles, drivers, and passengers.

Trust Rioja Limo For A Five-Star Experience 

At Rioja Limo, we take immense pride in providing a world-class, safe, and enjoyable ride to our customers. By focusing on every detail of your trip with precision, we intuitively get the finer nuances of providing service excellence with unparalleled luxury to you. 

Looking for a five-star limo service in Chicago area? Rioja Limo checks every box as all of our vehicles are meticulously groomed, stocked with amenities, and driven by courteous and professional drivers. Our goal is to exceed all expectations so that your trip with Rioja Limousine is nothing short of exceptional. Book your Rioja Limo today!

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